Thursday, September 2, 2010

Totally Wigged Out! {Kansas City Portrait Photographer}

     Today, Hollie received her second round of chemo.  After her first round last week, no extreme ill effects.  She tires easily and wants to sleep A LOT!  It will probably be a few weeks before she loses her head, I mean hair, but it's never too early to prepare! Wednesday morning, she had an appointment with incredible Patty at Brian Joseph's to choose her new look for the next year and a half. Since, Hollie has very short and very thin hair, she was excited to try on the alter egos that surrounded us in the lovely shop.  Much of the time, I just felt like I was being watched by a hundred eyes. Patty has a pretty amazing selection of wigs and products for women battling cancer. I was blown away with everything available from eyebrow/eyelash cream to help keep them during treatment to creams for the burns that occur with radiation therapy. Amazing.  It's come a LONG way since I worked in Radiation Therapy 30 years ago.  (did I just admit that?)

Patty also has pretty shiny things in her shop which just brightened the whole place up and made me smile.  Girls do love pretty shiny things.

     I had no idea there was SO much to know about wigs!  Synthetic vs human hair, hand woven vs machine stitched and on and on.  So much to think about and consider!  

After soaking up all this information, the fun began!  First the nylon cap since she hasn't lost her hair yet.
The discussion of 'bald caps' then popped up.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Hollie next wearing a 'bald cap' just for fun and grins!

    At this point, the real entertainment begins!  Hollie has very thin and very short hair.  You know you always want what you can't have when it comes to hair.  If you have curly, you want straight.  If you have short, you want long.  She can have ANYTHING she wants!  The possibilites were endless....

until she began trying them on.  So here are the different faces of Hollie as you probably have not seen before!

     Here we have the Elvira look.  Long, layered, and black.  It's really, really strange seeing this gal with very long black hair when she usually has short spiky purple hair.  So, on we went to the next one...

    They say 'Blondes have more fun', but 'they' have obviously not met Hollie.  This is what Hollie would like as a teenage blonde.  ha.

Just because she is a soccer mom, does not mean she wants to look like one!  Cannot imagine her EVER looking like this for long.  Way too normal.  :)

     This is hair longer than she has ever been able grow on her head her entire life.  I was pretty sure she was going to choose this one no matter what.  What girl at some point in her life wants long luxurious hair without it being a tee shirt hanging from your head??  

     Jennifer Aniston is adorable and we all secretly would like to look like her, right???  This is as close as Hollie will get.  Nice.  Not to 'normal', but not purple and spikey.   Good look for her!

With this wig, she's ready to grab her guitar and hop in the VW bus.  Woodstock or bust!

Then she saw it.  Grabbed it.  Put it on.  Not only is it luxurious long hair, but she became J-Lo instantly! Hairbrush sufficed as microphone and she demonstrated her ROCK STAR skillz.  Oh yeah.  Definitely, J-Lo.

    It seemed as if she had chosen the two wigs to live with for the next couple of years.  One luxurious long hair wig and the 'Jennifer Aniston' style.  We headed to the desk to get all instructions and more goop needed help with all the side effects soon to come from therapy when we spied what seemed to be a beam of light from heaven in the next room.  We looked up and it's as if the angels sang.  There it was.  The wig that was Hollie.  We looked at each other and it was that 'Oh Yeah' look.

JOAN JETT!  The moment she put that wig on, we knew it was the one!  Now she is a total and complete ROCK STAR!  She has always wanted Joan Jett hair.  Now she has it.  What a glorious day!!

She is one happy gal.  Joan Jett and long luxurious hair she has never had in her life!  She was totally ready to rock her new style as we left Brian Joseph's two hours later.  Great choices girl.

I do hope your chemo went well today.  Hang in there.  Only two more years and new boobies!

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