Thursday, May 28, 2009

Joe's Beginning

Graduation Time!

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In the world of Catholic schooling we like to celebrate. This includes graduation at the end of 8th grade to celebrate FINALLY getting out of that elementary school and heading to HIGH SCHOOL!! YES! And so it goes for my nephew. He graduated Saturday from his grade school and cannot wait to get to high school. He went to a very small private school which is growing slowly. Consequently, he was the only the graduate this year. Let's hear it for the smartest, kindest, funniest, cutest, most likely to succeed, most likely to fall on his face, most popular person in his class! Who else can say that. Not many.

Congratulations Joe! Hope to see you more often at your new school down the street.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beautiful Day for Roaming...

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I had been stuck in the house for awhile and had the itch to just get outside and shoot! So, I grabbed my gear and headed out the door to parts unknown. I ended up in the city scouting some new locations for Senior Portraits. A bit tired of the same locations and wanted to find some fresh views. IT FELT SO GOOD!

I began my journey in the Rivery Quay/City Market area. Since it was Monday, it was pretty quiet. That was perfect. No rushing. I could troll the streets without people honking at me to hurry it up. I did come across this walkway that stretches out over the river. When looking through the grates on each side, you can see big city bridges. It is a very cool walkway with little lookout areas. It does have a stairwell that goes down to the railroad tracks, but I don't think I will venture there. I have a feeling there are a few residents down there and not sure I'm feeling that neighborly. But the walkway is awesome and will try a few shots with actual people

I then roamed through the city towards Crown Center. I decided to get off the 'main drag' a bit and see what kind of buildings and structures I could find. What a good idea. I came across this old bus that is parked in a lot (obviously not going anywhere) and had been painted with graffiti. Another cool find! I will give this one a try also with an actual person soon.

I haven't shot a 'landscape' in quite awhile and really miss it. I proceeded up the hill to Penn Valley Park where the statue of "The Scout" is located. It is a Kansas City landmark and overlooks the skyline... well, what skyline Kansas City we have here. I took this shot and made into an HDR (High Dynamic Range) photograph which gives it some depth. Next time, I will have my tripod on my shoulder to take the appropriate shots needed to make a good quality HDR photograph. For now, this is okay for me. I was out shooting what I love.

Next to 'The Scout" is a skate park. There happened to be two guys practicing rolling around. Action shots are the most exciting for me and the most challenging. Skaters are my favorite subjects. They see me coming with the camera and all of sudden they think they can tricks they have never attempted before and nearly kill themselves trying! These two had brains. They just continued what they were doing and allowed me to practice. I haven't taken any of these shots since last summer due to lack of time. Rusty I am. I will make it a point to get back out there more often! But, fun it was! Thanks boys!

At that point, it was getting to be late in the afternoon. It was my baby sister's day off. I don't see her much now that she decided to work. After stopping for a couple of Mocha Frappacinos I headed to her house. On such a gorgeous day, all the kids (and a few extras) were out in the backyard having a great time on the swing sets, eating popsicles, and just being kids. Her kids are my favorite models. I walk in the door and the first words are "take my picture!" . Yesterday was NO exception. Especially on the monkey bars! These are a few shots of the little hooligans on a warm sunny day doing what kids do best!

Friday, May 1, 2009

For All That You Do!

This video is for all those who attended the Rescue supporting the Invisible Children, especially those who then travelled to Chicago and remain there still after five days waiting to be 'rescued'. You kids are AWESOME!