Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Taking It All Off!

Sunday was a big day!  Only the most incredible people were allowed to attend the event!  Parrot felt particularly honored to have been asked to be there for the long anticipated 'going bare' day.

Hollie has been feeling well, but the chemo effects are beginning.  It was time for the event everyone, especially her eldest daughter Brooke, had been anticipating.  Take one last look.  This is the last time you will see this head of hair for about 2 years.

Of course, she really didn't have far to go.  Her hair is so short already.  :)  Her girls, Brooke and Kennedy ran their fingers through her hair one last time!  Although, I think Brooke enjoyed more than Kennedy.

Hair stylist extraordinaire, Jeanne, prepped for the first phase by putting the clips in place and preparing the... CLIPPERS.

     Brooke took the first swipe at mom's head.  Now, Brooke is not a teenager, so I know this is her way of taking this chapter "head on" in her way... or maybe she just wanted to use the clippers??
And so it went.  Brooke was really getting into this 'head shaving' thing as mom longingly looked at her mane in her hands and saying goodbye... for now.

Now, anyone who has even met this gal KNOWS this could not be just a SIMPLE ceremonial shaving of her head. 

 She needed to take advantage of the opportunity to rock the style she has secretly dreamed of sporting.  I do believe Brooke was truly getting into this head shaving thing. 


 Yep, Brooke took full advantage and felt the power with those clippers in her hand.
Hollie's husband, Gary, had his request also.  And yes, this was his shave style request before it all came off.
                     (Insert redneck joke here)

When all was said and done.  Brooke had finished the task of shearing her mother completely bald and she did an awesome job!  Hollie actually looked FABULOUS!  

She is TOTALLY GI JANE!!     

Brooke suggested she wear a scarf on her head for her soccer game.  Scarves are so stylish now.  

I don't know.  Pretty good look for Hollie, don't you think?  Brooke and I broke out singing "It's a Hard Knock Life" at this point.   Maybe she needs a 'different' scarf.  

No matter how you look at this, Hollie just looks fabulous bald!  She only needs wigs live out her fantasies of having long hair and to keep her head warm in the upcoming winter months!  Hollie TOTALLY ROCKS BALD!    

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