Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything { Kansas City Photographer}

Today I'm going to catch up on what's happening!  My last few posts have been about dear, wonderful people fighting the Big C.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  I know Matt and Hollie, along with their families will appreciate it!   More Hollie updates will be coming.  I believe she is in her fourth week of chemotherapy now.

  On September 17, The Great Midwest Balloon Festival arrived in Overland Park!  This was their first year and judging by the tremendous turn out, I know this is going to be successful in the future!  This is a charity event with all proceeds going to Hospice and other various charities.  There were 38 pilots the first year.   The musicians donated their time for the festival also.  Naturally, Pat was there and he opened up the festival with his solo playing.  They didn't kick him off the stage, so that's always a good thing.

  I am setting up Mini Sessions for the end of October and first part of November.  If you haven't had a family portrait done in awhile, you need one!   Christmas is just around the corner and prints make wonderful gifts, as well as those Christmas Cards that need to sent out to family and friends!   The times are booking quickly, so let me as soon as possible if you are interested.

  I think the rest of this post will be a few pictures from my latest sessions.  Not everything is posted on Facebook, because believe it or not, there are people that are not on Facebook.   :)

  These are few from the Great Midwest Balloon Festival.

Lauren (my favorite model) came to see Uncle Pat play
Pat doing what he does best... JT on that Olson guitar

Annie and Hollie (looking for beer)

A few of my favorites from recent sessions...

Seriously, if you're home needs some deep cleaning, call Greenway Home Cleaning.   Dee will take care of it!

Natalie is a 2011 Senior that does whatever I tell her.  I love her.  

I do love this image of Audrey (2011 Senior)

Ashley (another 2011 Senior) from Perry/Lecompton High School.  What more is there to say?    Awesome young lady.

Be sure to find the 2011 Seniors to get your freebies!!!  

What would a blog post be without the munchkins!?

Zoey's new smile! 

Maddie picking flowers and Justin Bieber's biggest fan!

Seriously.  Steve McQueen clone right here.

This sweetheart gave me 'attitude' and rocked it the entire session!

   Will post some of my favorites from upcoming sessions soon!

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