Tuesday, February 15, 2011


     Everyone has a purpose when they are brought into this world.  Some people know at a young age what they are born to be.  Others, not so much.  I was in the 'not so much' category.   Winter is so tough on my psyche.  No studio to work in over the months.  No sense of purpose.   This winter was no exception.  As I crawled under my blanket, I began to really think about what is wrong with me!  The light bulb turned on and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  When I received my 'pink slip' (the girls grew up), I truly lost my career.  I was born to be a mom.  Period.

     I believe that's why I love photography so much!  Catching all your little ones as they are.  Catching images of them as you will remember them when you are in my shoes.  You will look at your daughter as she walks down the aisle and think, "how did this happen so fast!"  "I want to go back.  I want to do it all again.  I want to cherish every laugh, smile, antic, even every whine, tear, and temper tantrum!"  I am reliving my life as a 'mom' through you and your children.  And the Seniors!  The hopes, dreams, faith, and love that holds for your future is shining through you and makes my heart smile!  

    Even though I'm not a full time mom now, I have all of you and my sweet adorable grandchildren.  This sweet little girl today makes my heart leap for joy when she walks in the front door!  

 I look forward to a visit from my "Texas Tornado" Jaden who turns 8 this week!  I look forward to the grandchildren to come (no pressure guys).   I look forward to cuddling with the new addition in our extended family!  I look forward to 2011 and seeing all of you!  I hope to have a mini studio in my home by summer for the rainy days and winter months.  

   I suppose this is a thank you.  Thank you to my daughters for continuing to 'need' me.  Thank you to all their childhood friends who share their families with me now.  Thank you to my grandchildren who give their love unconditionally.  Thank you to all my wonderful customers for sharing their families with me.  Thank you to the Seniors... you keep me young.  Thank you for giving me a purpose again.  


Gully Girl said...

I heart when you blog. And I miss you bunches!

Sue said...

I think about the days we all blogged nearly everyday and did it anonymously! haha. I love we all know each other's names now. Looking forward to seeing you in your wedding dress!!

Kara said...

You can always adopt! Or we can do a Zoey 1.5!

Sue said...

Adopt Z? hehe. When it gets warm, need to just head outside and snap away for fun! Til her bday of course. :)