Thursday, April 23, 2009

"FLUX" (the band)

Flux is a local classic rock band packed with incredibly talented musicians from Kansas City. Charlie keeps the boys in line with his incredible drummin' skills. He also is a 'sound dude' around town, so you may see him helping out other bands. Drew is the 'cool' bass guitarist and 'front' guy who keeps the crowd going in between songs. Mark... well, Mark is a kick tail lead guitarist! If I can, I will put up a player with a sample of one of their Pink Floyd covers. Mark is pretty amazing on guitar. (don't get mad guys... you are ALL GREAT!) Then there is Pat. What can I say? I LOVE THIS GUY! He plays EVERYTHING! He is the keyboardist. He also fills in with guitar, flute, sax, violin, harmonica, or whatever else the song calls for, except cowbell.. I want that one!

These four guys have been in bands forever and have recently gotten together to form FLUX. They needed a picture for their demo CD to get out around town and for promotional material. During band practice last weekend, we went for it. After a couple of beers, they thought the canoe would be a GREAT IDEA! Then Charlie decided to stand up. It came very close to tipping over and threw a band member into a panic, but it all ended well. I had a blast with these guys. They are not only the most talented musicians I know, but four of the greatest guys I know!

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Christine said...

Love all the photos on here, Sue!